With its unique expertise in the field of telecommunications networks, Xit Télécom is a recognized leader in its sector. Xit’s team of qualified and versatile experts diligently executes multiple engineering-related tasks and develops and manages piecework or turnkey projects.

The Madysta Group proudly relies on Xit Télécom’s services to provide its clients with the best in telecommunications know-how.


Field studies and inspections

  • Preliminary engineering
  • Detailed field studies of existing installations
  • Rights and agreements with owners of infrastructures
  • Compliance inspection
    • Construction phase
    • Post-construction
  • Maintenance inspection
  • Load calculation
  • Guy cable tension measurement
  • Testing protocols(OTDR, Light Source)
  • Assistance with funding requests

Wired network design

  • Prospection studies and site selection
  • Detailed engineering
    • Civil infrastructure
    • FTTH/FTTB technology
    • WiMAX/WIFI/LTE wireless technology
    • Small cell technology
    • IP telephony
    • Optoelectronic technology
    • Radio technology